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Aioli Restaurant

aloli21 Aioli Restaurant

Located beside the Bank of Maldives at Lotus Golhi. The Aioli is open from 9:30am till Midnight.

Aioli is a what they call a french kind of sauce that is oil that is held together by other sauces to create a unique texture. It is usually a mainstay at fine dining cuisines.

As we enter the Aioli restaurant at lunch time, we are greeted by huge mango trees and a few gossiping folks that are quite fond of the place. After a good look at the Aioli restaurant one cannot resist to stare at the large desert counter at the end of the restaurant filled with yummy looking sweets, macaroons and brownies. Our heads focused on that table and swooned as we headed up the winding stairs to our tables.

Those folks really enjoy the sun I said to myself as I saw a handful of patrons outside the balcony under the midday sun. It does not get more tropical than that, The large trees swaying with the wind keeps the air breezy and cool. Still we thought that a glass paneled air conditioned room big enough for 40 people was still a good idea.

Upon gazing on the menu we realized that despite its name Aioli is not a Italian restaurant. Its menu items is composed of a diverse variety of cuisine from mexican fajitas, Thai delicacies, vegetarian items, country style chicken and pasta, also country style chicken curry which is a local specialty but highlighted amongst them all is the exquisite looking Black Angus rump steak. And then comes the dessert page, which are all detailed out in preparation which gives the customer the guts to expand and try new things should the terminologies appeal to them. The menus also explain different degrees on how to use heat.

aloli1 Aioli Restaurant aloli3 1 Aioli Restaurant aloli4 Aioli Restaurant

A quick note regarding the waitresses which where very smart and charming upholding black uniforms that blend well with the fine dining ambiance.

The cool drinks are amazing and they arrive quickly. The watermelon and home made lemonade were quite a treat on a hot sunny afternoon. So did the smooth papaya juice.

The lamb chops were served with zucchini and a colorful array of potatoes, red and green bell peppers. We did notice that the orange sauce attributed moisture to the dry chops. The explanation on the menu did no good here I suppose maybe it should be put somewhere inside the kitchen and not the menu.

Thai chicken was cooked rather well and was tasty and succulent but I do not know about the sidings it came with like the rice and pak choy leaves cooked in garlic. But all in all it was pleasant.

For dessert we decided to go for the classic creme brulee, it came in a Italian panna cotta with chocolate sauce and a green cherry. Both desserts looked delicious and they were upon tasting them. I could note a few faults but I think I will let it slide because the experience was truly unique and deserving for any tourist that may come to wander at the Aioli restaurant.