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  • Listen to the Sounds of Maldives Music
    The sounds we associate with the Maldives are usually the crashing waves of the ocean and the sound of underwater bubbles as divers explore the reefs. The Maldives has a serene natural environment in which most of its “wildlife” intimidate not with a roar but with size, stealth and speed. Scuba divers are often engulfed […]
  • Maldives Photographer of the Month – Lucie Mohelnikova
    The Maldives has many photogenic qualities, from landscape to marine life and even the people and culture. Some photographers have the ability to capture the essence of this archipelago in a way that stands out from the average photograph taken by holiday makers. Their photographs not only show us a picture but somehow bring us […]
  • Adventures by Season in the Maldives
    The Maldives is a year-round adventure destination. There’s a distinct high season from about November to February, but labelling the best season to travel there is a bit more difficult. It will depend on the planned activities that define which season will be ideal to plan a trip among this Indian Ocean archipelago. Diving with […]
  • All Aboard! Watercraft of the Maldives
    The Maldives: An island nation with about 1200 tiny islands covering an expansive stretch in the middle of the Indian Ocean. As such, it is near impossible to spend time in the Maldives without ever boarding a boat. Visitors either hop aboard to get from place to place or go with the intent to live […]
  • Rays of Light from Below in the Maldives – Marine Rays
    From above the Maldives intense rays shine down – but not all Maldives rays are from the sun. From below, rays of another kind fly, swoop, swirl, and creep through the water. Unlike the bright sunshine, you can stare directly at these marine rays that come in different shapes, sizes and each with distinct, intimidating […]

MV Orion Dive Dhoni

orion dhoni 300x225 MV Orion Dive Dhoni