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Maldives Resorts, Best House Reef, Whale Shark and Manta's ?

If you are looking for ultimate Snorkeling experience with gentle giant Whale Shark or Manta Rays where do you visit in the Maldives ? We are here to tell you which atoll to visit when you look for them and to tell you which resorts offer the best House reefs in the Maldives.

Definitely Baa Atoll in Maldives need to be a "must visit" to experience the Maldives only UNESCO BIOSPHERE Reserve, where 100s of Manta Rays gather during the season this is a magical and very unique experience. These friendly creatures swims with you as if you are there best friend.

One of our top Favorite House Reef is at Baa Atoll at Amilla Fushi, where you get the most modern and perfect room which sits at the edge of the reef where you can snorkel or dive, the reef is filled with schools of colorful fishes and all time favorite Turtles. Amilla Fushi house reef is also home to a natural dive cave around 11 meters deeps and you can see it during snorkeling.

South Ari Atoll Maldives is best place to find the Whale sharks in Maldives, its almost through out the year in this location but there is season where chances are higher to swim with these friendly giants. There are some excellent resorts in this atoll where you can stay when you are not snorkeling with this amazing creature.

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